Featured here is the famed Clarifying the Sage’s Intent by Sakya Pandita (1182–1251). An enduring classic in Tibetan literature, this work masterfully weaves together key elements of the Mahayana path as detailed in the Indian Buddhist sources.

Clarifying the Sage’s Intent is one of the major doctrinal treatises of Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen (1182–1251).

Among all the writings of Sakya Pandita (or Sapan, for short), it formulates most completely the theory and practice of the Mahayana.

It was meant to gradually lead and inspire the student to practice the bodhisattva’s path, and its perennial importance within the Sakya tradition is underlined by the fact that it is the required text for the first teaching of each new Sakya Trizin after his enthronement.

As its title indicates, Sapan used his Clarifying the Sage’s Intent to elucidate the key points that he believed the Great Sage—Buddha Śākyamuni—had in mind when teaching his Dharma.

Sapan became the first Tibetan of his period to be honoured with the Indian title of pandita, or “all-around scholar,” a title that indicated mastery of all major branches of traditional knowledge—not just Buddhist doctrine but also logic-epistemology, Sanskrit grammar, medicine, and even the techniques of art and building.

The following is a chapter outline for this work:

Clarifying the Sage’s Intent: An Exposition of the Stages for Embarking Upon the Excellent Path of the Bodhisattva

Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen (1182-1251)

Translated by David P. Jackson

(1) ​Spiritual Potential

(2) ​Taking Refuge

(3) ​Generating the Resolve to Attain Awakening

(4) ​The Perfection of Generosity

(5) ​The Perfection of Moral Discipline

(6) ​The Perfection of Patience

(7) ​The Perfection of Diligence

(8) ​The Perfection of Meditative Concentration

(9) ​The Perfection of Wisdom

(10) ​The Four Means of Attraction

(11) ​The Paths and Levels

(12) ​The Ultimate Fruit

The Conclusion of the Treatise

Source: Dolpa. Stages of the Buddha’s Teachings: Three Key Texts (Library of Tibetan Classics Book 10). Wisdom Publications. Kindle Edition.