Many lamrim treatises were composed and taught by followers of the Kadam tradition. One of the earliest systematic Tibetan formulations of the stages of the path to enlightenment, that is, Tibetan lamrim works—if not the earliest—is The Blue Compendium of Geshé Dölpa (1059–1131). Geshé Dölpa was an early master of the Kadam school.

The great Tsongkhapa, whose own Great Treatise on the Stages on the Path to Enlightenment later became the most well known of the “stages of the path” genre, famously remarked that any spiritual teacher worth his salt should be familiar with The Blue Compendium.

The following is a chapter outline for this work:

The Blue Compendium: Teachings on the Graded Path of Potowa Rinchen Sal (1027/31–1105)

Compiled in verse by Dölpa Sherap Gyatso (1059–1131)

Translated by Ulrike Roesler

(1) ​Preliminaries

(2) ​The Training for Individuals at the Initial Level

(3) ​The Training for Individuals at the Middle Level

(4) ​The Training for Excellent Individuals

(5) ​The Practice of the Perfections

(6) ​Wisdom

(7) ​Enhancing the Conditions for Practice

Source: Dolpa. Stages of the Buddha’s Teachings: Three Key Texts (Library of Tibetan Classics Book 10) (p. xiii). Wisdom Publications. Kindle Edition.