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Atisa’s Garland of Jewels

Bodhisattvas are those whose sole aim in life is attaining enlightenment for being best able to benefit others. The 11th-century Indian master, Atisha, presents in poetic form the most essential guidelines for how to live one’s life as a bodhisattva. Like a string of precious gems, these guidelines are to be worn like a flower garland by all those who wish to follow the bodhisattva path. (Dr. Alexander Berzin)

Atisha’s Heart Advice

When Atisha came to Tibet he first went to Ngari, where he remained for two years giving many teachings to the disciples of Jangchub Ö. After two years had passed he decided to return to India. Jangchub Ö requested him to give one last teaching before he left. Atisha replied that he had already given them all the advice they needed, but Jangchub Ö persisted in his request and so Atisha accepted and gave the following advice. (Source: